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Electronic Commerce Finland Ltd.Electronic Commerce Finland Ltd is specialised in consulting, coaching, lecturing and publishing in the field of electronic commerce. The company is based in Rovaniemi, the capital of Lapland in northern Finland. We are a partner of  Business Finland / Visit Finland.


Digital business has developed enormously over the past years. Technological innovations, new channels, and changing media environments facilitate this shift. This has created much more effective ways to benefit from new technology.

The widespread adoption of new information and communications technologies supports innovative ways to create cooperative alliances, which  interact with each other. In addition, the improved practices have made the users ready to receive advanced marketing techniques. Internet has also changed from having a purely information retrieval function towards a place where customers are increasingly buying products and services.

Nevertheless, it has become increasingly difficult to find out about the best practises on how the tourism industry could benefit from this all. This is why we decided to establish Electronic Commerce Finland Ltd.


Electronic Commerce Finland Ltd offers consulting, coaching, publishing, ecommerce and internet marketing services and development activities, as well as conducts Internet and technology-related research.

Our experts are regular lecturers and speakers at various seminars, conferencies and universities. The Company is owned by Kirsi Mikkola,  who is  well-known expert  in the field of the electronic commerce in Finland.

Contact Information:

c/o Mikkola
Kostetörmänpolku 11, 96460 Rovaniemi, Finland

+358 (0) 40 555 1019



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